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Pierre Boo has become a beloved figure in France, with a massive following on his social media platforms. His engaging videos and captivating musical performances on the popular short video app, Tiktok, have helped catapult him to superstar status. Tiktok has played a significant role in amplifying Pierre Boo’s popularity and boosting his profile in the public eye.

In addition to his Tiktok success, Pierre Boo has also built a thriving YouTube channel, boasting over 164,000 subscribers. Among his content, the most popular video is titled “Ignoring my boyfriend prank”, which he uploaded on October 18, 2020. As of December 2020, this video had amassed an impressive 483,000 views, further cementing Pierre Boo’s status as a rising star in the world of social media.


Pierres Boo wiki and biography

The internet star took her birth on the 12th of September 1990 in Paris, France.

Pierre Boo attended a school in France before going on to graduate from a private college. As of 2020, he is 30 years old and was born under the zodiac sign of Virgo.

Physical Appearance

Pierres Boo physical appearances and height

  • Height: 5 ft 10 in (178 cm).
  • Weight: 76 kg (167 lbs).
  • Hair color: Brown.
  • Eye color: Dark Brown.
  • Body Type: Athletic.
  • Piercings: Yes, two ears piercings.
  • Plastic Surgery: Cheekbone surgery.


Parents & Siblings

Pierres Boo with his mother Virginia Boo
Pierre Boo clicked a picture with his mother Virginia Boo

Pierre was raised by his parents, Jean-Pierre Crespeau (father) and Virginia (mother), during his childhood. He has three siblings, one sister named Marie-Sophie and two brothers named Arnaud and Giancarlo.

The ethnicity of this star is white in nature.

Personal Life

Pierre Boo at his young age

During the early years of his childhood, Pierre was just an ordinary kid who was not yet known to the public. Similarly, during his younger days, Boo was obsessed with the symmetry of his face and was interested in finding a solution to achieve it.

As a result, Pierre underwent cheekbone surgery to achieve a more symmetrical look to his face. This surgical procedure falls under the category of plastic surgery and had a positive impact on his later internet career.

Pierre Boo with his boyfriend Nicky Champa
Pierre Boo and his boyfriend Nicky Champa

Although Pierre altered his natural appearance through surgery, he also expressed his opposition to undergoing plastic surgery without a valid reason. In a statement to the media, addressing his fans, he advised that cosmetic treatments should only be considered if an individual is unable to maintain a healthy lifestyle that allows them to carry out their daily routines effectively.

Pierre’s sexual orientation is homosexual, and he is currently in a romantic relationship with Nicky Champa, who is also a TikTok star. The couple has been open about their relationship in front of the public eye.

Pierre Boosboyfriend Nicky Champa dating with him

Pierre and Nicky both have a significant number of TikTok followers who are interested in their sea-themed content. The two of them have developed a close relationship based on this shared interest.

Internet Career & Net worth

Pierre Boo after his personality image of Tiktok

Pierre has become well-known due to his presence on Tiktok, a popular app that allows users to create short videos with a maximum duration of 1 minute. Through this application, individuals can contribute to social media marketing and establish their own brand image.

In addition, this mobile application offers a variety of job opportunities, allowing users to take on various roles within the app. This has become a valuable resource for individuals looking to promote their personal image on the internet.

Similarly, Pierre gained popularity after garnering attention on Tiktok. He made his debut on the app in July 2019, and his first post received over 2 million likes. Within a year, he amassed a following of 4 million followers.

Pierre Boos adorable self image

The current number of followers for this star has surpassed 5 million. On Tiktok, he typically shares videos of lip-syncing, dancing, and various challenges. He consistently incorporates the latest trends in his creative pursuits, often putting his unique spin on popular media.

He often selects popular music or dance routines that have gained traction on the internet. In the lip-syncing category, he frequently mimics the lyrics of major songs that have already achieved high rankings on various music platforms.

One of the most captivating aspects of this star is his use of eye-catching costumes and bright colors in all of his content. He has received over 90K likes for his work, and Pierre Boo’s net worth is estimated to be $75,000 USD.

Nicky is another well-known Tiktok star with a following of over 5 million users. He shares videos featuring comedy, dance, and lip-syncing content.

10 Random Facts about Pierre Boo

  • There is a Youtube channel that belongs to the duo named “Nicky and Pierre” with 150+ K subscribers.
  • Pierre also has IG followers of more than 650k followers[2].

Pierre Boos love over dark chocolates

  • This Tiktoker is also very much fond of chocolates.
  • Nicky Champa has a total of 78.8 M followers in Tiktok.
  • On his Instagram account, he posted a photo with his m0m in London.

Pierre Boos multicolored hair

  • Pierre Boo has also colored his hair like a rainbow.
  • He moved to the USA in order to pursue his online profession many years ago.

Pierre Boos love over coffee

  • This social brand image loves coffee on a daily basis also.
  • The name of his Instagram profile is ItsPierreBoo.
  • The debut video on his channel is “We Are Back!” which was posted on September 21, 2020.

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